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Today Rehab Care Center

Being able to complete a substance addiction recovery plan is already a great accomplishment. However, maintaining sobriety after the rehab can be difficult, especially during holidays. Family get-togethers, company events, and other social gatherings can be hard for someone who is in the early stage of recovery. Holiday seasons often bring up memories of excessive […]


It’s not unusual for people to spend time with their families when celebrating birthdays, weddings, graduations, and many more happy occasions. But one additional occasion that deserves a celebration is a family member or friend’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Celebrating a recovery from drug and alcohol addiction reminds an addict of all that […]

When talking about addiction, “hitting rock bottom” is a very common phrase that almost everyone has heard. But what exactly does it mean? Rock bottom generally refers to an event or time in life that caused a substance abuser to reach the lowest possible point. It is a time where life has been so damaged […]

How Alcohol Abuse Can Kill

Alcohol is one of the most profoundly used substances in the United States. It can affect you in several ways, including your health. You may suffer from alcoholic cardiomyopathy, alcoholic liver disease, decrease in bone density and mass, heart arrhythmia, increase in blood pressure, increased risk of bone fracture; loss of immune response, and worst […]

Rehabilitation Center

Recovering from substance addiction does not mean that you have to go alone. Our treatment center in the Newark, NJ area believes that support is one of the most important components of the recovery process. They provide the support needed for every individual struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. Support may include family members, close friends, […]

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