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Survival Tips for a Sober Holiday

Posted: August 23, 2015 by in Today Rehab Care Center

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Being able to complete a substance addiction recovery plan is already a great accomplishment. However, maintaining sobriety after the rehab can be difficult, especially during holidays. Family get-togethers, company events and other social gatherings can be hard for someone who is in the early stage of recovery. Holiday seasons often bring up the memories of excessive use of addictive substances in the past. It is possible to overcome these thoughts and triggers by simply being prepared. The following are tips shared by Today Rehab Care Center that can help newly recovered addicts successfully get through with holidays and still remain sober.

Recognize your Triggers

Even if you have successfully completed a substance addiction recovery program and remained sober for years, it is still essential to be watchful of the triggers that may lead you to take a drink. Social gatherings are often rife with issues such as family conflicts and financial concerns which can prompt you to take a drink in an occasion where alcohol is served. Thus, a good plan must include strategies that will help you overcome these situations.

Carefully choose the events which you attend

Parties that mainly involve the use of alcohol such as cocktail parties must be avoided. It is also important to know how important the gathering is and if your presence is really needed in the said event. However, if you chose to come, set guidelines for yourself and makes sure to stick with these guidelines no matter what.

Create a backup plan

A backup plan is essential, especially when you feel uncomfortable during the event and if the triggers to drink alcohol become too strong. Counselors and therapists at Today Rehab Care Center suggest that it is best if you will go to a social event together with a sober friend who will support you and willing to go with you when you feel uncomfortable in the event.

Reach Out

If you feel like giving in to alcohol, there is nothing wrong to reach out. Sometimes, simply knowing that there are people who are ready to support you and gives you a few words of encouragement can make you feel empowered again.

Put your sobriety first

Just like what you do during the process of your substance addiction recovery, you must put your sobriety at the top most priority. No matter what other people say and think, it is important not to give in with your decision that you want to remain sober. Don’t let anyone be the cause of doing something that is against your sobriety goals. Most celebrants want everybody to celebrate with them, but keep in mind that your sobriety is more important than considering the request of a friend.

Recovery is a lifelong process, but it is also important to take time to laugh and have fun sometimes. Consider holidays as a chance to assess your spirituality and find your own way to see support from the essence of each season.

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